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I read A Fault in Our Stars over a year ago and it’s actually a pretty good book, but then I realized to move the fuck on because there are a million other books I could be dying over. Has anyone ever read A Thousand Splendid Suns? What about Sybil? ANY of the books by Agatha Christie? No? Then sit the fuck back down with your “most inspirational/motivational/bestestest book written in like EVER” shit. A Fault in Our Stars is HONESTLY a good book, but can we stop putting it up on a pedestal and acting like nothing else could compare to it?

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Oh my god I want to fucking rip something to pieces. Asdfghjkl. I’m absolutely livid right now.

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Holiday lights + ice skating at Millennium Park are the only reasons I willingly leave the house during winter.

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I don’t like when people close to you say thank you for unnecessary and inconsequential things. Makes me feel like an outsider.

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my aesthetic is looking mean as hell but being the nicest warmest person you ever met so you feel terrible for judging and become a better person thru it all

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“ If you knew how powerful the sujood is, you would never lift your head off of the ground. ”

—    Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

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And when you wake up
in the middle of the night
feeling all alone with your thoughts,

go straight into sujood
for Allah arouse you out of your sleep,
so you could be with Him
and beg Him for guidance.

Trust me,
you will notice that you won’t need anyone else

but Al-Wahhab,The Giver of All.

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